Getting Ahead in Your Career


Franklins.Net Sales Weasel Todd Follansbee has come up with what I think is a great read
for all developers, and .NET developers in particular.  This can be found online

Knowing how to get the technology and training you need is an esssential

You might question if .NET will help you financially. Here is a recent quote from Computer

 “… there are certain IT skills for which companies are willing
to pay a premium right now. On the technical side, .Net experience is perhaps the
hottest skill, with network security experience running a close second” 

Below are a set of instructions on how to convince your boss/company about .NET and
training. You will find these skills to be helpful in a variety of areas. After all,
technical knowledge is only one part of career development in the IT world. You need
more then just knowledge and these skills will be of tremendous help. This is all
free, as is our support. All you need to do is ask. 

Traditionally developers make lousy salesmen so we offer a set of selling skills tailored
for developers. We also provide the support tools to get training approved in your
company. Here’s how to figure out the pieces of the puzzle we offer. They all build
upon each other, one piece alone will not get the job done. Most important is the
PDF that describes sales methods which are perfect for developers. They are analytical,
effective and require no hype or gimmicks. Download and print the PDF first and read
it. The other support pieces follow:  

  • Selling
    Your Boss
    is a PDF that will that describes the sales method. Download and print
    the PDF and read it. When you understand the technique, review the two short PowerPoint
    slide shows
  • Selling
    is PowerPoint slide show that a developer used to convince a multi-billion
    dollar comapny to adopt .NET.
  • Selling
    is a 3 slide study from that the American Society of Training and Development
    that compares the bottom lines of companies that support training versus ones that
    don’t. The study makes dollar suggestions for training budgets based upon these successful
  • To accompany the training document, we provide a zipped
    of success stories from companies who came to us for .NET Training and
    went on to develop great .NET Apps (picture yourself in the next batch of success
  • Lastly we recommend a number of .NET
    Shows that: discuss .NET, compare it to other technologies, and review
    implementations and benefits.

If you spend the hour it takes to learn this content you will be well equipped. Call
on us
for suggestions and insights. We have much experience in the psychological
side of selling to people. You may be surprised at the tools we can give you just
over the phone. We won’t make a sales weasel out of you however understanding
the psychological triggers of the people in authority can make all the difference. 

Besides it’s worth the trouble. If you don’t, sooner or later you’ll
be asking us if we want fries with that…

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Getting Ahead in Your Career