Exchange 2003

Just looked up the MSDN Download site and saw that Exchange 2003 is available. I already started downloading it! There was a Standard as well as an Enterprise edition wonder what's different, I'm downloading the Enterprise edition just to be safe.

Exchange 2003 is supposed to play very well with Outlook 2003, I'll need to push Madura to set it up this week.


After a long time I have now finally decided to buy a car. I called up HSBC and they are giving a personal loan for 17.25% plus I also get to become a PowerVantage member.

I will be going around looking for one, hopefully with Shashee and Madura tomorrow. My idea right now is for an Honda Civic but that could change ;)


I've finally managed to get blogX set up on my machine. For now I'm only going to post private stuff here on things that only I should read about.