BuyMusic @ $0.79 (Rs. 77/-) has launched a music store with rates cheaper than Apple's iTune. Hey now you can legally own your music for 77 bucks.

My source for music will be the radio until the song prices cost around Rs. 10/- ($0.10) for us in Sri Lanka.

Microsoft to the rescue?

Microsoft to the rescue? A marketing weasel came by and asked me to fix a dead notebook, as if I'm his personal geek slave.

I said his machine was probably compromised by the Internet Explorer HTML converter flaw Microsoft announced last week, which lets malicious Web code take over your PC. Was he, by chance, visiting sites he shouldn't have been? "Lemme just check the log files for your IP address," I said. He looked like he'd swallowed an Ethernet dongle. "That's OK," he squeaked, "I'll fix it myself."

Messenger Plus for Messenger 6!

Patchou has done it again, he has been able to get Messenger Plus running with MSN 6, it has quite a bit of cool tools, including the old favorites as well as message history encryption and other new stuff!

Get it now at

Lousy Lanka Internet Connection

We are on a 128K leased line with Lanka Internet. All I can say is that it's pretty lousy. In the morning the line was fine and I was happily download E2K3 from MSDN at about 14K but for the past half hour it has been crawling at 3K, this happens pretty much often.

Madura wants us to switch to SLT, we used it at GBS for the last three years with very stable performance.

Wonder who the best network is in SL?

Exchange 2003

Just looked up the MSDN Download site and saw that Exchange 2003 is available. I already started downloading it! There was a Standard as well as an Enterprise edition wonder what's different, I'm downloading the Enterprise edition just to be safe.

Exchange 2003 is supposed to play very well with Outlook 2003, I'll need to push Madura to set it up this week.


After a long time I have now finally decided to buy a car. I called up HSBC and they are giving a personal loan for 17.25% plus I also get to become a PowerVantage member.

I will be going around looking for one, hopefully with Shashee and Madura tomorrow. My idea right now is for an Honda Civic but that could change ;)


I've finally managed to get blogX set up on my machine. For now I'm only going to post private stuff here on things that only I should read about.