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Yes. I use GMail. I’m an idiot.

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I didn’t think it would happen this soon. Firefox developer doesn’t trust Google anymore. via Paul Thurrot.

2007 Sri Lankan Holidays for Outlook

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There are few housekeeping stuff that you need to do at the start of the year and adding the Sri Lankan holidays to your Outlook calendar is one. – – – – – –...

Counting my blessings

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Happy New Year everybody! Looking back, 2006 for me has been a very special year and one that I'm thanking God for blessing me so wonderfully. I got marrie...


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While preparing for the 70–551 exam I came across the new TypeForwardedToAttributes class. Searching for this on MSDN brought up “no search resul...

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My son has his own site now at At just $10 a year, we love you Google Apps!