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WPF Checked ListBox

1 minute read

WPF currently does not have a checked list box out of the box so you’ll need to roll your own. Unfortunately most of the examples that come up on Google invo...

The War is Over

less than 1 minute read

Sri Lanka is finally rid of the terrorists, the war is over. I hope and pray that we have seen the end of senseless bloodshed.

Fixing the Silverlight caching issue

less than 1 minute read

Fell into this trap today. I deployed an update of my silverlight project to the Sharepoint site but on some machines the browser continously kept loading th...

Changing the default schema in Oracle

less than 1 minute read

The application I was working on assumed that the user would always be in the default schema. I ran into a snag when I had to connect to the staging environm...