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70-315 Exam Preparation

1 minute read

Thought of outlining how I'm preparing for the (70-315) Web Applications exam. Step 1: I started out by reading the ...

Australian Double Standards

less than 1 minute read

World anti-doping body condemns the ruling that allows Shane Warne to play in charity matches. [CricInfo]

Path to MCSD.NET

less than 1 minute read

I suddenly realised that September is creeping up next month and I have not been able to do a single Microsoft certification on the .NE...

Tracking Accounts using Microsoft Money

less than 1 minute read

I've started using Microsoft Money to keep track of all my accounts. This is a really powerful tool that every professional must have i...

MCP, MCAD, MCSE, MCSD Numbers Worldwide

less than 1 minute read

Microsoft has a page which lists the statistics of the number of certified professionals worldwide which is updated on a monthly basis....