Merill’s Privacy Policy

Merill’s Privacy Policy¬†

We respect your privacy. An Internet connection is only required to download content to your device. No personal information is transmitted over the Internet.

8 thoughts on “Merill’s Privacy Policy

  1. Michael J. Mansell says:

    My app works fine but I have noticed that the “Our Daily Bread” date is a day behind on my Windows app compared to my Phone &/or Kobo ereader app! Not sure as to why?

  2. Paul Jean-Pierre says:

    Morning everyone, App only show portion of the Story nothing else I would love to read with the narrator if possible,
    Thank You

  3. Lou G says:

    Why isn’t anyone fixing this app for Windows 10. With so many people complaining you would thing someone who cares would make this a priority. Nope… still broken for Windows 10.

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