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LogParser – Converting IIS logs to local date and time and filtering by date range

This is a note to myself to remember how to convert the UTC date/time to the local timezone.

logparser “SELECT TO_TIMESTAMP(date, time) AS utc-timestamp, TO_LOCALTIME(utc-timestamp) AS local-timestamp,* FROM D:\Log\SearchServiceWrapperLogs\SearchServiceWrapperLogs\u_ex1202* WHERE local-timestamp between timestamp(‘2012/02/02 00:00:00′, ‘yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm:ss’) and timestamp(‘2012/02/03 00:00:00′, ‘yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm:ss’)” -recurse:-1 -o:csv >> fulllog.csv

Show Folder Tree in Windows 7 Explorer

I spend a lot of my time switching between folders in Windows explorer and the Windows 7 explorer has been driving me nuts lately.

Win7 (or at least the build I have) by default does not auto expand the tree view when you navigate between folders.

The result being you don’t see the usually tree hierarchy on the left pane. Which makes it quite painful if you want to go up a few levels or see the other parent folders.Windows7-Explorer

Luckily there is a new Folder Option called Navigation Pane to switch them back on again. You need to press Alt + T or Organize –> Folder Search Options in Windows Explorer to get to the dialog. Windows7-FolderOptions

Switch both of them on and viola I get my beloved tree view back.


PS- Most of my UW colleagues use other explorers and didn’t have to feel this pain.

Backup your data for free

I ran across this on ScottH’s post today. The gives you 2GB of backup storage for free.

Currently, I use the free SyncBack utility to backup the stuff to an extra hard-drive on the local machine. I’ve thought of using GMail Drive as a remote backup option but then I would have had to muck around with all the syncing. Plus it’s basically a hack with the 10MB and .zip/.exe blocking limitations of GMail.

Mozy on the other hand makes it all a breeze! The initial setup identified all my stuff like IE/Firefox favorites, contacts and email, My Documents, Visual Studio projects, the list goes on. I can also set when it should sync and how much bandwidth it should take etc. Cool!

Microsoft vs. BlueJ

I was first introduced to BlueJ when I started lecturing on OOP using Java at Keele (IIT) for their MSc program. Teaching first time programmers about objects and creating instances using the BlueJ IDE was a ‘wow’ moment.

A couple of years later I’m sitting at the regional MVP Summit in Singapore and watching a presentation by one of the Microsoft Program Managers (under NDA) about the new ‘Object Test Bench’ feature. The moment I saw it, I turned around to Prasanna and commented about its similarity to BlueJ. Other people too notice this and later even Microsoft admits that the idea was from BlueJ.

“*My* interpretation of the above statement is basically that our academic customers wanted this because of the success of this BlueJ feature.” (D Fernandez)

Fast forward to last weekend, Michael, one of the authors of BlueJ is alerted that Microsoft has patented BlueJ, Dan Fernandez (a Microsoft Product Manager) then works inside Microsoft to remove the patent. With a final update from Michael.

As a part-time educator who teaches both Java and .NET technologies what’s funnier is that Microsoft copied the feature based on feedback from teachers and hilariously doesn’t include it in the free versions of Visual Studio (Express Editions) which is chiefly intended for students and hobbyists.

Instead it is a high-end feature which is available only on the paid versions. I guess Architects can use that feature to teach new SE’s about objects and instances (grin).

Hopefully D Fernandez who is the Lead Product Manager for Visual Studio Express will “fix” it in the next version.

Counting my blessings

Happy New Year everybody!

Looking back, 2006 for me has been a very special year and one that I’m thanking God for blessing me so wonderfully.

I got married to the love of my life, nearly ten years after we fell madly in love with each other. I switched jobs to go back to my old company where I absolutely love coming to work in the mornings and I finally bought my very own house.

To top off everything, the Lord blessed us with our wonderful son Joshua!

Windows Live Writer

Microsoft just released Windows Live Writer today and I’m guessing this is going to replace BlogJet as my default editor. Get it here.

Just a quick summary of the features:

  • Works with all great blog tools
  • WYSIWYG (literally), this is done by downloading your style/theme. Your editor shows up just like your actual blog
  • Uploading pictures (wow, just noticed that it has cool effects to apply, like the drop shadow you see below)Auto saving of posts (no more lost ones)
  • more than one account to blog to (alas doesn’t support the Group Posting that BlogJet has – the only con)
  • Did I mention that it is FREE!

March user group meeting today

If your a .NET developer in Colombo and are into developing smart client applications make sure you don’t miss the user group meeting today. We have two sessions with one be Wela focusing on the current Windows Forms 2.0 and the other by Isuru on WPF, the next big thing in client development.

Plus we also have some goodies. Five exam vouchers to be given away worth 12,500/– each.

Let’s hook up.

Leaving Microsoft

A lot of you guys already know that I left Microsoft Sri Lanka after being on the job for just five months. The big question everyone wants to know is. Why?

This quote from the the classic Mythical Man Month says it all: The programmer, like the poet, works only slightly removed from pure thought-stuff. He builds his castles in the air, from air, creating by exertion of the imagination. Few media of creation are so flexible, so easy to polish and rework, so readily capable of realizing grand conceptual structures.

Do I regret joining Microsoft? No. It was truly a great experience. I got to work with some really great people, was involved in some of the really cool stuff that happened in Sri Lanka like Tech.Ed 2005, Visual Studio launch, Imagine Cup 2006 and a number of other smaller things.

What do I do now? Well I’ve joined Assette (formerly BTA) again. My boss was really wonderful about taking me back and I’m super charged about the exciting stuff that we’re working on. Would you believe that we’ve already moved on to SQL Server 2005?

So expect to see and hear more from me.