On Ode To My Father

Hi Dadda,

I’ve wanted to write this note to you for a very long time. To let you know how much you’ve taught and inspired me with your life. I know that I don’t have a really close relationship with you like I do with Mummy. That most of our time together is spent in awkward silence while we search for something to talk about. But I want to let you know today that you have been the cornerstone of my life.

Thank you Dadda for teaching me the true meaning of love. In your 35+ years of marriage I have never seen or heard you show any hatred to Mom.

Thank you for showing me that true love means sticking with and taking care of darling Mummy who is ill with Parkinson’s.

Thank you for teaching me how to respect women by never ever raising your hand against Mummy.

Thank you for teaching me how to forgive and forget. Many people have wronged you but you never hold a grudge against anyone. You would forgive them in a heartbeat and let bygones be bygones.

You taught me morality. About always doing the right thing and to always be honest even when it is difficult. You went from being a very successful businessman to someone who doesn’t have much for which the main reason was because of your honesty and refusal to bribe or cheat anyone.

You taught me the joy of giving and sharing what little you have with others, about going out of your way to help someone who can never repay you.

You taught me not to waste anything in life. Whether it be finances or the environment around you.

You taught me what it was to work hard. I was privileged enough to work under you. Although I hated it at that time as a teenager, I now value and cherish the work ethic that you instilled in me.

You didn’t have it easy in life. Your mother died when you were just three. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to grow up without a mother’s love.

You were a promising student in school but were robbed off your education when Grandpa had you leave school and start work in the family business. Because of this you made sure that your kids got the best education possible even when it was beyond your means. I didn’t understand then but having my own family now I realise that you sacrificed quite a lot to send us to the best school possible.

You believed in me. Thinking back, if I ever showed an interest in something you made sure that I explored it. From playing the guitar and organ (which I can’t do to this day) to karate lessons, soccer and basketball lessons.

It took a lot of courage for you to let me drop out of school and follow my dream. You gave me the freedom to go after what I was passionate for. You believed in me and supported me.

One of my most favourite childhood memories is going for a swim after Sunday school. It took you less than two months to teach me how to do it. Oh the wonderful times we had.

Thank you dad for showing me that it takes a lot of courage, strength and self-control to stand by your convictions. That it takes more man to stay away from the vices of drinking and smoking.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally to this day.

Thank you for showing me how to live a life of service to others. You now dedicate your time to helping people. From running errands for various non-profits like the Little Sisters of the Poor, to visiting those who are sick or in prison and praying with them, to writing daily devotionals and sharing the Good News.

Thank you for showing me that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true, at 53 your now reading for a Bachelors in Theology and kicking ass by coming out on top in class!

Above everything else I want to thank you for the deep, personal and meaningful relationship you have with your Saviour and friend Jesus. You paved the way for me to find the one eternal treasure in life that is worth living for.

I love you Dadda.

On Ode To My Father

Went shooting


So we went clay shooting yesterday with Adam Tyler (an Athen’s Olympic Bronze medalist and two time Commonwealth Gold medalist) showing us how it’s done.

After playing Counter Strike with the guys at office it felt good too hold a real live Beretta shot gun. Got four of the first five shots in the first round.

Here’s one where I hit the clay.


The Melbourne Unique World team!

UniqueWorld Team

Went shooting


It’s been nearly four months since I moved to Melbourne and having been in Sydney six months prior, Melbourne was indeed a welcome change.

Although it’s very easy to forget how beautiful it is here. My favorite part of the daily commute is the ten minute walk through Fawkner Park (named after Melbourne’s co-founder).

Here’s a bird’s eye view of Fawkner park.


A few from today’s morning walk.





On sunny days we grab our lunch and head downstairs to have it at the park. It’s no wonder Melboune has consistently been at the top spot in the World’s Most Livable Cities list over the years.


What are you blogging today?

As you may have noticed I recently went through a steep learning curve on SharePoint. The best part was it turned out to be a liberation on my blogging mindset.

I started blogging back in 2003 after being inspired by Scoble and Winer. The type of blogging I was doing back then is now coined a link blog with a few of my own reflections thrown in.

If you’ve been subscribing to blogs you tend to come across posts that tell you how to write good posts, what you should have in your post and what not to post. Subconsciously these posts made me raise the bar higher and higher on the type of stuff I should be posting about.

Not anymore, bah humbug to all of those posts that tell you how to blog. I’ve since realised that every small thing I learn each day is going to help some poor soul in the future. I was that poor soul when I was (am) learning SharePoint and boy did those short tips from others really help out.

So remember no post is too small or irrelevant in the eyes of the beholder who searches for it in Google.

So show some love to your abandoned blog today.

What are you blogging today?


Imara & Rafael

It turned out to be a wonderful coincidence that our second son Rafael decided to be born on our second wedding anniversary!

The little fella has a loud voice and wakes his older brother up at night, but we all love him so much.

Having a baby so many miles away from family and friends should have been a very difficult experience. On the contrary the midwives who delivered Rafael were so friendly and motherly that Imara, Joshua and I never felt any stress.

I’m even more impressed by the fact that the midwives visit our house to check on the mother and baby and the constant care given. The Australian medical system by far would have to be one of the best in the world.

Anyway’s my mother in law just flew in from Sri Lanka today so that’s going to make it a little more easier for Imara.


It’s good to be a consultant

I’m working as a consultant for the first time in my ten year career and I’m loving every minute of it.

In the last couple of months I’ve worked in three very diverse teams, in three different offices and three different technology areas ranging from VB6 Interop + ASP.NET at Kelloggs, WinForms + EntLib + Oracle + Mainframe integration at Microsoft and now SharePoint (MOSS 2007) at Lend Lease.

The quantity & quality of things that you learn from interacting with such diverse people is mind blowing. For now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride!

It’s good to be a consultant

My First Post…

Wow, it’s been more than a month since my last post from Sri Lanka. Life has been quite busy and I’ve been overwhelmed sometimes, but things are slowly falling into place.

After getting to Australia, my first biggest challenge was to find a place to rent. The renting system in Australia is well organized but its extremely difficult for someone who doesn’t have a rental reference to get a place. I was lucky, on of my friend’s friend called Priyasha drove us around on our first weekend and we ended up being able to just look at one house. As luck would have it no one else applied for the house and we finally got it.

The second challenge was to buy a car. Since my first assignment is at Microsoft Australia’s SDC (Software Development Centre), I had to get a car since the public transport up there was not too good. Again Priyasha came to my rescue and we ended up buying the last car we saw that day. The car although old is in much better condition than the one I sold off in Sri Lanka and it cost me only $2,750.

We moved in the week before last and had to go around buying all the stuff for the house. I ended up getting just the minimal stuff like the fridge, washing machine, microwave. It’s quite a blur, considering that I spent over a year buying all the household items and that too after doing a lot of research on each item. But here it took us a couple of hours to pick all of the items from the Good Guys store.

Plus when you move into a new house you need to do whole lot of things like getting a telephone line, electricity line, gas line, but since I could do all that over the phone it was quite pain free. I’ve applied for a broadband line which should be hooked up by next week.

My First Post…

My last post here

Looks like this will be my last blog posting from Sri Lanka. Tomorrow I’m flying out to Australia.

My new job is at Unique World and my first assignment will be on SharePoint. It’s going to be tough to move over to a new country, start a new job and in the process a new life. But I’m looking forward to the challenge.

So here goes, you will be seeing a lot of SharePoint stuff on this blog in the coming months so stay tuned!

My last post here