Things to watch out for when migrating SharePoint 2010 FAST Search to SharePoint 2013

I’m currently working on a Search First migration to SharePoint 2013. This post is a placeholder to document the gotchas and workarounds.

Search Centre Keywords

Our initial plan was for a search-first migration where we would swap out the FAST search service application for an SP2013 search service application. The idea was that we would make no changes to the existing search centres but they would get a better/fast search engine with all the improvements that come in 2013.

Issue: Keywords defined in the SP 2010 Search Centre are ignored by SP2013 Search. The only way this functionality can work is when you use a SP2013 search centre. This is not a problem if you have only one search centre since you can manage the keywords at a farm level but we had a number of search centres with site collection admins needing the ability to manage the keywords for the site they manage.

Workaround: We were forced to create Search Centres in SP 2013 and have the SP 2010 sites use the new search centres.

XSLT to Display Templates

Given that we were on the path to using SP2013 search centres any customisations that were made to the SP2010/FAST search XSL now needs to be re-written as Display Templates. In a way this is better than having to mess with XSL, but this is still something that you need to take into account.


Things to watch out for when migrating SharePoint 2010 FAST Search to SharePoint 2013
  • Meeya

    That’s it ? Too small post

  • Radi Atanassov

    Hey Merill,

    a few other stuff that don’t migrate:

    search topology settings and the index configuration

    the index itself

    custom stuff like your XSLT

    the managed properties for people search

    any pipeline extensibility in FAST

    promotions and demotions

    the optional items processing xml file

    the inclusion and exclusion dictionary

    and of course the FAST search center, including any web parts, must be recreated

    good luck with your challenges!!

  • Awesome. Thanks a lot for the heads up Radi!