17 thoughts on “SharePoint Health Monitor App

  1. jharbieh says:


    I was looking at your app today in the store. I was wondering about few things. What are you actually measuring on SharePoint to decide whether it is behaving or not? Does this app require anything setup on the SharePoint Farm/Server in order for it to work? Are there any requirements?
    There is not a lot of info available on this app. If you can explain some of this, I like to try the app to see what it does.

    Johnny Harbieh

  2. Hi Johnny,

    Try downloading the app and running it to answer most of your questions. The app uses a header that is returned by all SharePoint sites (SP2010 upwards) that provides a health score. The health score takes a lot of information into account when it is calculated. You can find more info about health score here http://blogs.msdn.com/b/besidethepoint/archive/2010/09/13/http-request-throttling-in-sharepoint-2010.aspx

    The app works with SharePoint out of the box as long as your account has access to the SharePoint server.

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