ULS Viewer stops working

If ULS Viewer suddenly stops reading from the ULS log, the quick fix is to move all the log files to another folder. Except for the last log file which Explorer will anyway prevent you from moving.

The issue is most probably because one or more files in the folder are not in the right format and trip up ULS Viewer.

Some have reported the *upgrade.log files as the culprit. Deleting them didn’t fix it for me so I just deleted all the files.

PS: If your a SharePoint dev and your not using the ULS Viewer from Microsoft (no not the one from CodePlex). Do yourself a favour and give it a try.

ULS Viewer stops working
  • Deleting all the files can only be done at this situation, however the last log file will not be deleted.

  • very good,thanks for your sharing

  • having to move the log files every time it crashes is a real pain.


  • Thanks for the help, this actually helped. I tried out the link and am much happier. Thank you!

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    Thanks. As Microsoft states: there is no support for ULS Viewer, it is awesome of you to put up this helpful tidbit. Resolved the issue for me.

  • Thanks. Being a sharepoint developer this helped me a lot, I had exactly the same problem with the logs.

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