SharePoint Client on Windows 7 Phone

Yesterday I was excited when I could download the Win 7 dev kit, but that turned to disappointment when I realised that I could only run the application that I deployed and not try out the other stuff on the phone.

Today, thanks to Dan Ardelean I was able to unlock the Windows 7 Phone emulator. So here I was poking around only to be pleasantly surprised to see the SharePoint client built in to the phone.

Here are the first screenshots you’ll see of the Win7Phone SharePoint client.



SharePoint Client

SharePoint Client on Windows 7 Phone

3 thoughts on “SharePoint Client on Windows 7 Phone

  1. hassan_syed says:

    I was so excited to start playing with win 7 phone emulator but learning that the phone would be realising sometime late this year, killed lot of my excitement 🙁
    I want to tocuh my application too!

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