Fixing the Silverlight caching issue

Fell into this trap today. I deployed an update of my silverlight project to the Sharepoint site but on some machines the browser continously kept loading the older version.

I racked my brain trying to figure out how to add ETags to a xap file and yet keep the deployment simple. The answer though is unbelievably simple in this case. Update your AssemblyVersion when compiling. That’s it. IIS takes care of sending the update through to all the browsers.

BTW the forums are a gem for figuring out answers to silverlight problems.

Fixing the Silverlight caching issue

3 thoughts on “Fixing the Silverlight caching issue

  1. stuart says:

    Hi Merill,

    You included a link to the silverlight forums, but I can’t find anything there specific to XAP versioning / cache replacement via updating AssemblyVersion? Did you get information from a specific discussion thread there?

    If not, where did you discover this information?

  2. merill says:

    I actually figured it out through trial and error. I had to set both AssemblyVersion and FileVersion for it to work.

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