My last post here

Looks like this will be my last blog posting from Sri Lanka. Tomorrow I’m flying out to Australia.

My new job is at Unique World and my first assignment will be on SharePoint. It’s going to be tough to move over to a new country, start a new job and in the process a new life. But I’m looking forward to the challenge.

So here goes, you will be seeing a lot of SharePoint stuff on this blog in the coming months so stay tuned!

My last post here
  • Nimalan

    Congratulations Merill. All the very best for your new life in Aus.

    Please let me know your contact number in Aus.

    Talk to you soon.


  • Lilian

    Hey Merill,

    All the best in your new job, new place and new life!

    I guess I don’t get to say goodbye to you face to face, but hey, I’m sure we will meet again very soon at some point in time.

    Take care Merill and thanks for being such a top quality MVP in SEA and Sri Lanka.

    Gonna miss you.

    Lilian Quek

  • All the very best pal.. I remember seen you while you working at LOL .. cheers . . .

  • Joy Rathnayake

    All the very best for your new life in Aus. Hope will show your colours in Aus also. Didn’t get a chance to meet you before you leave.

    May God Bless you…!

    Keep in touch..!

  • Hey Merrill, nice blog ! welcome to the team.

  • Udayanga Priyanath

    All the very best pal.. I remember when you worked @ LOL .. with us @ Valiant Towes cheers . .

  • Chris Cool

    Hey Merill:

    Dave just told be about your blog. Beautiful baby!!! Congratulations. Hope you are starting to get settled in. I’ll have some stuff for you shortly.