Free Download Manager

I’ve been a long-time user of LeechGet for managing my downloads but had problems running it under Vista.

Internet Download Manager was a good choice until I ran out of the trial period.

Today I found out about Free Download Manager which is free, no ads or spyware and is not hobbled by any maximum limit on the number of downloads. It also doubles up as a Site Downloader. Best of all, something my network admins would love is that I can control the amount of bandwidth it uses by selecting a light, medium or heavy load.

One innovative feature that I’ve encountered just now is the social aspect of commenting on the file that I just downloaded and also to see others opinion on it. I’ve seen these in torrent and other p2p software but for the first time in a download manager.

Free Download Manager Utility

Free Download Manager

2 thoughts on “Free Download Manager

  1. Yeah, Great tool.

    It has been a loyal servant for most of us high bandwidth users at the university for a few years!

    However, I never found the opinions tab useful…

  2. Anony says:

    Yeah, my favourite DL Manager. It can be integrated with FlashGot extension in FireFox too. And it supports ‘Batch Downloads’ which is very useful in downloading files with similar names in a sequence ie. file001, file002, file003 etc.

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