Bye, bye SmartClient, hello WebApp

Well I never thought I would say this but I’ve just bid goodbye to RssBandit my feedreader for the last three years and completely switched over to Google Reader.

The deciding factor was that I could read all my feeds from home. Google Reader is way fast over dial-up than RssBandit simply because the heavy lifting is done on the server.

If I had better bandwidth, would I have switched? I think it’s time someone wroteup a serious WPF XBAP that does feed reading. I’m betting on Newsgator to do this. Wait, that’s a super cool project to work on…

Bye, bye SmartClient, hello WebApp

4 thoughts on “Bye, bye SmartClient, hello WebApp

  1. You can afford be happy as long as you dont want the popup notification when feeds arrive. 🙂
    I checked it out too. Its a good move, even though I hate to admit it, considering the fact that its from Google.
    Wait till Live comes up with something better!

  2. I do have a Bloglines accounts but it never felt fast enough. AFAIK there’s no plan for a Live Reader, although there is one that comes with Windows Mail.

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