Can open source companies innovate?

Ever since I attended the FOSS conference a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been
trying to figure out how viable an option Open Source is for the software
industry as well as developing countries like ours.

Every trail of thought that I could think of led to the same place and
today’s Open
column on InfoWorld nails it. The answer is: “Without
licensing fees to fall back on, pure open source companies may be limited to
imitating proprietary vendors’ successes”.

Now that everyone has seen how Microsoft is innovating in the next versions
of Vista, Office, .NET (Linq) it definitely proves Neil’s theory:

Let’s say this is the shape of the software industry for the next 10
years. A proprietary company comes up with an innovative idea and it’s
successful. The open source community scrambles to duplicate this idea.
Eventually the open source version matures, it catches on, the product category
becomes commoditized, and customers gravitate toward the lowest-cost option.
Meanwhile, a new innovative idea has come along. Rinse, repeat.

Bill Gates told CNet, “The industry will always be a mix of free and
commercial software.” If he’s finally fine with that, is it good enough for us,

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Can open source companies innovate?

4 thoughts on “Can open source companies innovate?

  1. IMHO innovation is a process of trying new ideas, failing, redoing and continues freedom to work on, many innovations fail, one work..
    Then we call it innovation,

    Open Source allows you to do the innovation until you share it ..
    then your innovation start mutating faster than you innovate …
    some times you become kind of stuck, cant break your own rulez to be backword compatible, time to give up and start a new innovation

    Innovation is only a innovation until its a secret …
    There are many good o/s innovations but numbers are yet more based on on R & D …

    I have a joke where O/S does not fit in

    -What if all the babies born had it’s Priginal Author tatood on the forehead – Oh mam – and dad dont get divorsed ..

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