Job Openings at NuMatrix

President of NuMatrix mailed me about this job opening available at
NuMatrix. These guys are actually our office neighbors and are housed
one floor above us.

We are looking for some candidates
with experience in the following area to work for a US client. The Positions are
permanent positions working for NuMatrix, Inc

1) Active Directory/
4) Terminal
5) Share
6) Microsoft
7) Microsoft Biz portal and Portal

We are also looking for 3 Microsoft
Great Plains Master Certified people as well.

We are looking for candidates with
3-5 years of experience and have extremely good knowledge in these areas. They
should be able to quickly adopt themselves and know how to do disaster recovery
in these areas. These candidates have to be experts in these

Candidates having a MVP status would
have an added advantage.

Some of the projects will be
migration from Microsoft NT to 2003

The candidates also should be
familiar with wide range of Dell servers.

We are looking to recruit these
candidates within the next 4-6 weeks. They can send their Resumes to [email protected]           

Job Openings at NuMatrix


It’s been a long time since my last post and I being kept away from
regular blogging due to a number of things. Between the hectic work at
office and some of my other commitments which includes searching for a
new home in Colombo, I’ve been sort of drowning and grasping for breath
in the last couple of months.

To add to this I downloaded and installed Vista the day it was
released. Would you believe it that I have had no problems with any of
my applications with the exception of BlogJet. This limited me to
posting from the dasBlog web interface which is not really my ideal
client for blogging.