March User Group Meeting on Enterprise Library

I had to work really hard preparing for last week’s session on the Enterprise Library.

Since this is a relatively new release, there is scarcely any information available online. The lack of online resource is more than made up for by the clear, well documented help that comes with the installation. The quickstarts are a godsend to get things up and running.

With each block your best bet is to do a quick read of that module on the help and then go through the quick starts, then get your hands dirty writing a small mock app of your own. You can download the presentation that I made from here.

Shandy, to answer your question about performance relating to the Logging block, Loren has blogged about an impromptu test he carried out comparing log4net against the Enterprise Library.

Update: Shandy posts a review of my last presentation.

March User Group Meeting on Enterprise Library

3 thoughts on “March User Group Meeting on Enterprise Library

  1. Ranga says:

    Sorry for the long delay to add my comments about the meeting that we had on Enterprise Library last week, (My work load keept me on hold 🙂 ).

    Well it was my first visit to dotnetforum session. it was a nice presantaion and good work. Well done Merill !

    I felt and feel 2 hours session is not enough to do a good presantation. don’t u feel that ? why you can not arrange these kind of seesions on weekends insted weekdays ? its better you guys think and let us know.

    I would really appriciate if all could arrange workshop kind of things, soon as you told that day.

    Bytheway , how do you all selecting TOPICS for .NET meetings ? is there anyway we can invlove on this process ? if so let me know the process.

    So time to wind up. See you on next dotnet Meeting !.
    also say thanks to Manzi (Manoj) for the packet of Milk 😉


  2. I think your correct, for technical sessions like the last one, we should ideally hold it on an alternative day so that we have more time and don’t rush through things.

    We should kick start the Workshop idea that I was talking about and first try to find out the topics that would interest people. Please do leave comments on what topics your interested in till then.


  3. Merill, just to add to my blog entry. Outstanding 🙂 I think the other two comments say it all. I assume you are giving a presentation at the SE Asia MVP summit?

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