MVP Gift Voucher

Microsoft gives us MVPs with a $150 voucher that we could use to buy anything we want at the Microsoft Company Store. Unfortunately I have a feeling that they only provide a subset of the items available at the store to us. I could hardly find anything to buy and finally settled on a Optical Desktop (which I love) and some really useless stuff like caps, flasks and an umbrella. I would have loved to have purchased an XBox if it was available.

But what I’m really pissed off with is the Sri Lankan customs officials and UPS. I had to shell out $35 as duty and other taxes for the $150 worth of items that I ordered. I was speaking with the UPS guy and he said the government had added an additional 3% tax after the tsunami for all imports. I wouldn’t mind if they did anything remotely useful with this money but it would ultimately end up in some politicians pocket.

The fact is that the only thing of value in the pack I got from Microsoft was the optical desktop which cost $50 and I had to pay $35 as duty. WTF. Had I known this earlier I would have simply tossed away the voucher and not ordered anything at all. Not that any of this is Microsoft’s fault though.

MVP Gift Voucher

My own fingerprint reader

Guess what I’m using to blog this entry with? My very own Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint reader! I’ve been using the fingerprint reader to sign into a number of my favorite web sites as well as desktop applications and boy do I love it.

For those of you who can remember I blogged about this last November but never did I imagine that I would using it so soon.

I was able to afford this thanks to Microsoft and the $150 voucher I got use at the Microsoft company store.

Two things I’m disappointed with though is that I’m not able to login to Windows itself using the fingerprint reader as it’s not enabled on a domain login. I’m guessing this is because of some security requirements, I wonder if there is a hack to get it working. The second disappointment and one that I waste a lot of time on is signing in to remote machines using Remote Desktop. Here too the fingerprint reader fails, guess both of them are related though.

Although there is a lot of talk about the tilt feature in optical mouse, I haven’t found it that useful yet. Maybe it takes time to grown on you or I’ve not been using any windows with horizontal scrollbars today. But the wireless mouse is really cool. I’ll post pics of my desktop as soon as take a few snaps with Ashan’s camera.

My own fingerprint reader

Who is Scott?

One of my former colleagues Nadeera forwarded this mail to me, I wonder how authentic it is?

You must have always wondered why the username / password in SQL is Scott/Tiger….

Who is this Scott? Here is the answer to your query….

So,  who is Scott?

Bruce Scott was one of the first employees at Oracle (then  Software Development Laboratories). He co-founded Gupta Technology (now known as Centura Software) in 1984 with Umang Gupta, and later became CEO and founder of  PointBase, Inc.

Bruce was co-author and co-architect of Oracle V1, V2  and V3.

The SCOTT schema (EMP and DEPT tables), with password TIGER, was  created by him. Tiger was the name of his cat.

Who is Scott?