Lecturing at a University

I’ve always felt that it would be an honor to lecture at a university and just after the completion of my Masters a couple of doors have opened. The first instance was at IIT where I myself did my Masters. Dr. Keerthi Premadasa who heads the place wanted to find out if I was available to do one of the courses on Object Oriented Programming.

Today, through Jinashri of Microsoft I was put in contact with Dr. Chandima of the University of Kelaniya for a new course they want to start for their Masters on .NET.

With me leaving the country tomorrow for a month, plans have been put on hold till I return. Let’s wait and see what the future holds.

Lecturing at a University

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  1. Hey Jinath,
    I actually posted it on the 20th but forgot to check the ‘Publish’ option (it’s a new feature in dasBlog 1.7). I just noticed it yesterday and flipped it on. 😉

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