• jinath

    top one was Designed by me so i like that :))))

  • Hey, I too like that better!

  • chamindu

    The first one is better but the "Sri lanka user group" is redundent and doesnt make much sense(what user group it is ?).

  • The guys at my office seem to like the second one better.

  • Hey I like the 1st one too,
    since it applies the same concept used for the .net logo.

    But as Chamindu says, "dngsl" already implies something.
    i.e.:- so we dont need to repeat –dn=.net, g=group, sl=srilanka–
    But surely we can improve on Jinath’s idea!
    can should be give it a try?

    Merill can you start a thread with the images for a quick
    vote in the Forum.



  • I’ll do that right away.

    << xxx >>