Microsoft to remove the Calculator from Windows

News from Repeou:

The country Repeou threatens Microsoft to pay a fine as much as 10 percent of its
global annual sales for monopoly defenses. The software giant is abusing its monopoly
power by bundling several applications such as the Calculator and Paint with Windows.

The process against Microsoft was started by the company named Nisbum. Nisbum developed
a great calculator but doesn’t see a chance to sell this great product to the masses
as long as Microsoft bundles the Calculator with Windows.

According to Repeou, Microsoft must offer at least two separate versions of Windows,
one version without the Calculator.

Repeou is giving Microsoft a last opportunity to comment before the case is concluded.


What are the boundaries of an operating system? The boundaries of operating systems
shouldn’t be defined by governments, and they shouldn’t be defined by competitors.

Microsoft to remove the Calculator from Windows