ASP.NET is on a Tear!!

Wow!  Thomas Lewis who works on the ASP.NET
evangelism team (and who recently gave me some good feedback on starter kits) sends
this gem from

In this month’s Web Server Survey thenumber
of IP addresses with sites using ASP.NET has overtaken those using JSP and Java Servlets.
number of IP addresses found with ASP.NET has shown
strong growth in the past year with a 224% increase from 17.2K to 55.8K
JSP & Java Servlets despite being overtaken is the next fastest growing in percentage
terms with a 56% increase.

If you’re keeping score at home, Java started in 1996.
ASP.NET started in 2002.  Within two years we’re ahead, that’s huge momentum!

[Dan Fernandez’s

ASP.NET is on a Tear!!

One thought on “ASP.NET is on a Tear!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The survey is flawed. Most Java sites do not use .jsp or /servlets/, especially if they are using any frameworks.

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