Parliament Dissolution May Cost Sri Lanka Billions in Aid

A US $4.5 billion aid package for Sri Lanka is in jeopardy with the dissolution of
Parliament by President Chandrika Kumaratunga on February 7 – ten days ahead of a
crucial donor meet in Washington.

The reconstruction package for the war-torn country was pledged in Tokyo in June 2003.
The US, European Union, Japan and Norway will chair the conference of 49 donor countries
in Washington on February 17.

“Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage has confirmed that the donor review meeting
will be held as scheduled,” says a US embassy spokesperson in Colombo.

But in the current political chaos, analysts fear a sharp decrease in funds for reconstruction
from donor countries in the West.

This apart, they feel the political instability in the south could spur the LTTE to
ask to be appointed the sole authority to manage foreign aid – a demand so far rejected
by the international community. [Read

Parliament Dissolution May Cost Sri Lanka Billions in Aid

4 thoughts on “Parliament Dissolution May Cost Sri Lanka Billions in Aid

  1. Dammika says:

    I think the dissolved UNP government put the whole country in great danger by giving LTTE so much. They actually failed to deliver what they promised (Remember last budget). True the economy came up from the minus figures, but again they use patches to do that (Mr. Ranil should have contacted one of the programmers regarding use and dangers patches). As long as I can remember (After 1977) our country started believing and grows on loans and foreign factors (such as clothing quota etc). There was no effort non what so ever put on by any government to build our own base. No attention were given to our farmers, inventors etc. Basically what I am trying to say is that we have become a totally dependent country (all our leaders who celebrate Independence dressing posh and showing off should be shamed, in away we use "Naya Salli" even to celebrate our independence day). They also show big tanks, all brought for "Naya Salli" – Are we really to be proud about this?????). Who we kidding…

    One might ask "will dissolving the Parliament and call for fresh elections solve the matter?", no not at all, this is a stunt by Precedent to carry on her power greed. Poor JVP suckers (Big talkers ….. only few can understand what they say) trying to implement their way somehow thinking this is a good opportunity and put a "mukku" to PA. Are these guys blind not to see that they have being used by Bandaranayakas (Anur specially, to get attention of his sister) or did thy forget that 99% Sri Lankans put them self before country.

    I think Primminister is lackey if voters forgive him for putting country in great danger also his ministers, some of them like Mr. Milinda Moradod, we expect lot form him, but I only see he talk big on TV but no action (I think he was busy selling SL to India and enjoying good food in the sky). There was no body to take responsibility, no body to direct this country.

  2. Dammika, I don’t think that the whole country was put in great danger by LTTE is a correct phrase, yes the UNP did give into a few of their demands but if you take the case of their activities in the north we need to remember that even before they had full control of the places they occupied, they levied taxes, they had their own bank, they had the training and graduation ceremonies the only difference is that now the media can broadcast them. The LTTE pretty much bombed us whenever they wanted to. How many cases do you know were we able to find and prevent such bombings?
    It is true that we shouldn’t spend Naya salli and we should concentrate on our local assets and that is exactly what the UNF was doing. The eSri Lanka initiative I believe is one greatest brainchild for the future. Whose idea is it do you think it was to bring big companies like Microsoft to Sri Lanka? Do you know that Sri Lanka is only the 11 subsidiary in the Asia Pacific region? Do you know that it has been 7 years since Microsoft opened a subsidiary in Sri Lanka? Do you know that they are going to launch an IT Academy and an innovation centre here? What this means is that our future graduates and any bright kid gets a chance to be a part of one of the most powerful companies in our time.
    Other big companies like Sun, Intel are lining up to open here, why? Because of the work of the ICT Agency, because of the vision of Milinda Moragoda. Want to know more about what the ICT Agency is doing find out here This is our ‘own base’ that the UNP is trying to cultivate. How many of our classmates do you think want to go and do farming with their fathers? We should cultivate in the future. Of course we have to depend on imports look at Singapore.
    One thing I have come to accept is that all politicians are crooks leaving only a very rare minority in the class of people like Karu Jayasuriya. Of the great visionary politicians that I know you could say that all of them were crooks JR, Premadasa, Lalith Athulathmudali, Gamini Dissanayake we can’t change it.
    My suggestion to solve the war problem is very simple. We either sit down with them and talk things out like what the UNF was doing. Or we go to war and similar to the WW II rule in other countries, every eldest male from each family must go and fight strarting from the President’s son to you and me only then will we see an end to this.
    Of the choices that are given to me now, my only ray of hope is the UNF.

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