Microsoft to preview Whidbey toolset

Microsoft plans to offer developers a pre-release version of its next Visual Studio
.Net platform, codenamed Whidbey, next month, planning to drum up interest in its
next generation Longhorn operating system, due in 2006.

Whidbey will show off a new runtime model and various new application programming
interfaces (APIs) that will be at the heart of all Longhorn applications. With both
Longhorn and Whidbey extremely critical to Microsoft’s future, the company is
being more cautious about their release than it has been with previous products, which
saw one beta and then shipment. Whidbey has already had one pre-release, and a third,
full public beta will follow this one in midyear, before product shipment in late
2004. [Read more]

Microsoft to preview Whidbey toolset

2 thoughts on “Microsoft to preview Whidbey toolset

  1. Greg Pyatt says:

    Merrill, do you know exactly *hot* Whidbey will be made available? Is it only through attending Dev Days, or will it be downloadable off the MS website, or what? Any ideas on where/how I can get it, and how much it will cost, etc?

  2. Merill says:

    Hi Greg, I got the Whideby and Longhorn DVDs a couple of months ago. This was mailed to me after I submitted a form that was available for Microsoft Partners.
    Since VS.NET ’02 and ’03 betas were available on the MSDN Subscriber’s download site, I’m guessing that Whideby betas too would be available.
    If you or your company have a subscription to MSDN, you will be able to login through

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