The New MSN

I opened my browser a second ago, and a butterfly busted out of the page. What are
they feeding that thing? At any rate, I like the new
I was a beta tester for MSN9, so I finally get a chance to talk about it a bit. MS
really puts a lot behind MSN… I was surprised when three weeks ago, a limited edition
gold-plated MSN 9 CD showed up on my doorstep (It’s real gold, I had it checked).
That’s one hell of a beta tester thank you. And all I got for Office 11 was a lousy

 Anyways, the new MSN home page is really well organized. I like the color-coded
sections, and what not. The best part of all is MyMSN, which, I think might be using
the ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart framework, or some derivative thereof. It’s pretty frickin
cool. I’m working on making my custom home page right now. Now someone just needs
to come with an RSS feed provider so I can show the top 5 items from my favorite feeds
there. I’d never have any other home page. It seems to be not letting me save my preferences
right now, but hopefully they’ll fix that. Maybe I need to enable cookies for this
site, since I’m on IE6 SP2…. Nope, must be a technical glitch.

MSN Video is pretty cool too. The picture is bigger, and it’s definitely much more
visually appealing than it’s predecessor. It even has an Enhanced
that installs locally, offering high-res playback at 750kps. I’m pretty
sure it’s a .NET app, because it’s using the VS.NET generic installer screens, which
is kindof surptising, but oh well.

All and all, it’s a beautiful, functional upgrade. I’d highly recommend checking it
out. You might make it your home page again.

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The New MSN