Anders talks about Generics has Part VII
of an interview
with Anders Hejlsberg about Generics in C#, Java, and C++ online

Thanks to C# team’s Eric
for linking to that.

For those who don’t know who Anders is, he’s the guy who, while at Borland, headed
the teams that came up with Turbo Pascal and Delphi. Now he’s the guy in charge of
the C# team.

See Roland, if you think I’m smart, my brainpower is but a small fraction of the smarts
that Anders ended up with.

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Anders talks about Generics

LongHorn Video rocks – this was worth all their R&D is shortcut to video.

This video really shows how clever the R&D for Longhorn was and why some of the
more unusual capabilities (like the DirectX Magnifying vector tool) actually enable
everyday apps to be amazing.

While Microsoft is making some mistakes in the community (and with licensing terms
and security and MVPs) the quality of this demo app really demonstrates that Longhorn
apps are truly way ahead of what I see on the bridge/vid screens of StarTrek.

I really get goosebumps when I watch this video and a careful study of the app and
watching the video more than once reveals many capabilities that are not obvious at
first glance which are quite profound about the native capabilities:

* secure email where you know the recipient

* peer-to-peer sandbox apps

* Digital Rights Management in a constructive way – i.e. this email destructs in 15

* multiple secure signatures of a contract where all parties can see the signatories’s
approval real time

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LongHorn Video rocks – this was worth all their R&D

The Sun Also Surprises

Sun calls its Java Desktop System “the first viable Microsoft Windows alternative,”
but it’s apparently much more than that. One crew member trying out Sun’s
bootable JDS evaluation disc made an intriguing discovery: You can insert the Linux-based
disc into any NTFS (NT file system), boot up, and bypass Windows security to gain
access to all the files on the hard drive (kids, please don’t try this at home).
It’s an open source OS and an anti-Microsoft hacking tool all in one — what
more could a geek want?

The Sun Also Surprises

Search This, Google: Microsoft Adds Free Toolbar, Pop-Up Add Blocking to IE

Like Netscape before it, tiny Google has awakened a sleeping giant.

Today, Microsoft unveiled a free MSN Toolbar add-on for
the dominant Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser. The MSN Toolbar looks almost identical
to the Google toolbar, which provides searching, pop-up ad blocking, and other functionality.
Even the MSN Toolbar’s download page looks almost identical to the Google toolbar
download page.

Search This, Google: Microsoft Adds Free Toolbar, Pop-Up Add Blocking to IE

Family Car

My ex-boarding mate Hareen from MIT sent
me this really useful site called The Family Car.
I haven’t gone through it completely but the few pages I read explain the inner
working and how best to use and look after my car in very clean, simple language for
a lay person like me to easily grasp.

Family Car