Keele MSc @ IIT – Results Delay

Last year I completed my MSc in IT from Keele, this is through the Informatics IIT
centre in Colombo. Unfortunately even though Keele and IIT are private institutes
their delays in announcing results to students makes them no different from the universities
in Colombo. In addition to this we had to pay out a hefty sum for the course. One
would think that at least their service would have been comparatively better.

Anyway I’ve just written out a mail to them and I’m hoping that at the
very least I would get a prompt reply.

You might think from this rant that I don’t have anything good to say about
Keele and IIT, on the contrary there were many positives and high points during my
stay there but I’ll leave that out for another post.

Keele MSc @ IIT – Results Delay

One thought on “Keele MSc @ IIT – Results Delay

  1. d3m0lish says:

    Well this is a good start, this is my 2 cents,

    KEEL SUX ! and IIT SUX big time, none of these monkies doesnt practice what they preach, let them relase the marks ! and let this show end until the next one starts !


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