I’ve not been able to post regularly lately due to a couple of reasons.

Office Work

We have been getting a steady trickle of work and
the tempo has started rising and I really love it. This means that we are steadily
starting to move forward and have been signing up new clients to our platform as well
as doing a lot of mini projects. Plus on the development side we have been refactoring and
working on improving our 3+ year old codebase. [Refactoring is something that every
developer needs to take seriously. The next version of Visual Studio.NET (Whideby)
will have have refactoring options built into the IDE.] The bulk of our code is on
ASP and VC++ and my goal is to eventually migrate all of them over to C#. I’ll be
starting to post on the approaches and decisions that we take so that it will be useful
to anyone working on migrating.


About two weeks ago I was finally able to buy my car. It’s a lovely Honda Civic ’98
model which has done about 56,000km. I was lucky enough to get such a low mileage
one and it’s been maintained well since the previous owner was a Dr., plus the pricing
was very good considering that it cost me Rs. 1 million.

Along with the buying the car there are a number of other hassles such as insuring
(Rs. 34k), registering it RMV (Rs. 8k), driving license (~8k)  and then I need
to get started on servicing and all that. Guess having a car is really a luxury!


I will be in Thailand Dec 4-9 to participate in the APICTA software competition as
a part of the Gateway group. The School Online product developed by them (me being
a consultant on the project) won first place in the Education category at the local
BCS awards and will be one of the 12 companies representing Sri Lanka in the APICTA
competition. The guys from my earlier company Atlantisone
too will be coming to Thailand (they got Silver awards at the
BCS competition).

The actual judging of the competition will be only be on two days so hopefully we’ll
get to see the cool stuff at the exhibition. I’ll keep you all posted.