Colombo, Sri Lanka: Bus Route

This guy working at IFS has done a really neat
of showing the bus routes in the Colombo area.

I wonder how much effort it would take to do one that you could query. Microsoft has
a product called MapPoint which
I think could be reused so that we can just feed in the data and it would generate
the map and allow it to be queried.

It would be a great thing if some company could create this database. If it is possible to
do it for a large country like USA, surely it must be easier for Sri Lanka. Is the
RDA doing something like this?

This would be a good idea for eSri Lanka.

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Bus Route

6 thoughts on “Colombo, Sri Lanka: Bus Route

  1. Amila says:

    I also doing a project for find a bus routes in sri lanka. i want give a very good application for any users in the country. if some one wants to know a bus route number to go Anuradhapura to Colombo, he or she can get a answer from the application

  2. Vimutti says:

    I want to know the intercity bus from Pettah to Elpitiya starts at what time in the moring. What is the bus number?

  3. zafarali says:

    what about intracity ones?
    like between kollupitya and pettah or slave island or wellawate?
    a map or some sort of guide will surely make travelling by bus alot more easier and less confusing!

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