Path to MCSD.NET

I suddenly realised that September is creeping up next month and I have not been able
to do a single Microsoft certification on the .NET exams.

So I’ve now taken on a sort of Mission Impossible trying to do the five exams to get
my MCSD.NET before 31-Sep. I will be starting with the Web Development exam
next Tuesday and do two more this month and then try the other two next month. All
current MCSD get a free voucher for the Analysing Requirements exam until 31.

This is going to be my certification track.

Exam 70-315: Developing
and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C#”! .NET and Microsoft Visual
Studio .NET
Exam 70-316: Developing and Implementing
Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio
Exam 70-320: Developing XML Web Services
and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework

Exam 70-300: Analyzing Requirements and
Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures

Exam 70-229: Designing and Implementing
Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition

Path to MCSD.NET